Frequently Asked Questions

The Forex Market is a risky market, especially for untrained persons. This is why IBA Markets is investing tremendous human and financial resources in order to suitably train its Customers, whatever their trading experience is.

Just by asking IBA Markets (through your Account page) to return you the funds you are asking. These funds can be 100% or part of your available funds available on your IBA Markets account. The requested funds are returned within a couple of working days to your bank account (or credit card).

Speculation on CFDs can allow you to win if the markets go up or down. Just choose the right strategy according to the trend you are forecasting. Open the relevant transactions and take your benefits.

Thanks to the leverage effect offered to you by IBA Markets, you can trade 100 times the amount of your deposit (or of a part of it). This dramatically increases your earnings possibilities, but this also increases your loss risks. Ask your IBA Markets Account Manager for specific advice in this domain.