The BID price is the selling price of each currency pair. The ASK price is the buying price of each currency pair.

A tool which allow trading higher amounts than the available fund balance. For an example, a 1:100 leverage multiplies gains or losses by 100.

A lot is an investment unit in the CFDs and FOREX market that represents the size of a transaction. 1 Lot size represents 100,000$.

An order is a request to open or close a trading position. Several types of orders are available on the market.

A Price Interest Point, is the commonly used measure unit in the forex market which quantities the fluctuations of currency rates. A pip is the smallest unit of a currency, and usually is at the fourth decimal place. For an example, a currency pair increasing from 1.3550 to 1.3554, gained 4 pips.

The price or quote, refers in the Forex market to the exchange rate of a currency pair at a particular time.

The process by which forex traders extend the date of an open position.

The spread refers to the price difference between the bid and ask prices.