1. No commissions!
  2. No expiry date!
  3. Trades are conducted on a leveraged basis so you only need to deposit a percentage of the total
  4. value of the trade as margin.
  5. Positions can be closed at anytime during market hours (24/6).
  6. Trade on various markets of states and economy sectors.
  7. Hedge your positions by trading several assets.
S&P 5001 (USD)200:1
DJ 301 (USD)200:1
NASDAQ 1001 (USD)200:1
CAC 401 (EUR)200:1
DAX 301 (EUR)200:1
FTSE 1001 (GBP)200:1
NIKKEI 22515 (JPY)50:1
SMI (Swiss)2.00 (CHF)50:1
MSCI (Taiwan)0.20 (USD)50:1
USDX (US Dollar Index)0.05 (USD)100:1
MICEX (Russia)100 (RUB)50:1

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