Robots – Algo trading in the FOREX market are good solution for investors:

  • The robots are trading for you.
  • They have no feelings.
  • They can trade everything.
  • You can stop whenever you want.

IBAmarkets analyst department has developed a great trading robot which trades by itself!

The main currency which the robot is trading at is EUR/USD – the most traded currency in the world. The robot uses several different methods and calculates them in the matter of 0.001 of a second (a thing that no human in the world can do), thats is how the robot can do easy and fast trading gaining profits from the financial markets.

It is easy to start trading with the robot,  you just need to do the following steps:

1. Open a trading account with IBAmarkets.
2. Activate it by deposit at least $5,000 for the algo trading (Algorithmic trader).
3. Choose a robot from the list below:

A. “IBADirection” – A high volatile direction choosing robot – Works perfectly on the EUR/USD.
B.  “IBATrend” – Nice quite trend trading robot – Works perfectly on FX majors.

Open an account today and our analyst will help you trade successfully!

registration in two easy steps for a real account